Community is our core. We have a beautiful Museum Building that is 3 Bostons Museum, New Boston Visitor Center and our Chamber of Commerce Office - a must see right in downtown

That beautiful building on our front cover is our pride and joy of the Community.

Our Community "Boston" was named for an early storekeeper in the settlement, W.J. Boston. The coming of the railroads led to the location of two more Bostons. A depot was built about four miles north of Boston and was named New Boston. The first Boston then became Old Boston. The courthouse was moved to Texarkana in the early 1880's but a later election carried to move the courthouse back to the geographic center of the county. This location was between the Bostons. The Post Office Department named this location Boston, so Bowie County has claim to three Bostons; New Boston, Boston. and Old Boston.

Bowie County Bowie County lies in extreme northeastern Texas between the Red River and Sulphur River. The County was named for James Bowie, Alamo hero, knife-fighter, rancher and adventurer. Its 873 square miles contain sands, silt, clay, rich bottom lands and abundant forests of shore leaf pine, cedar and white oak. Agriculture is good in this area, supplemented by beef, dairy, and poultry raising.


New Boston Visitor Center
3 Bostons Museum
T& P Trail Head Park
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