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Local New Boston Author has his first book published!! See all the details here.

The Author is Jimmy Lane Lindsey.

About the Book

In the year 2169, time travel has become a reality. Professor Paxton Gardner, after being told he can only use his device for passive data gathering, strives to make a lifelong dream come true, by stealing his invention in order to prevent one of the greatest disasters in history.

As Doctor James Stone, a former student and close friend of Paxton's, is preparing to make a dream of his own come true by living and working on Mars, he is requested to assist in ascertaining where Gardner has gone, and how to bring him back.

The journey of each man culminates in ways that neither could ever foresee.

About the Author

Jimmy Lane Lindsey was born in Linden, Texas, where he attended high school, and while growing up lived in the small community of Marietta.

From his vantage point in East Texas' piney woods, he explored the universe, both literally and figuratively, with his interest in science, and as an avid reader of such notable science fiction authors as Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clark. His list of artistic endeavors also includes painting, music and even independent film making. He appeared in SEASIDE SERENADE and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, as well as two episodes of the television series WALKER, TEXAS RANGER.

Over the years he has written many short stories and poems, which to date have not yet been published. He now lives in New Boston, Texas with his wife, Shannon, where he currently works at the Red River Army Depot near Texarkana, Texas.

THE FOLDS OF TIME is his first published work.

The Folds of Time - Book Cover Bio

The Folds of Time - Author Jimmy Lane Lindsey

When I was attending high school at Linden-Kildare, sometime in 1985, my long-time interest in the RMS Titanic was magnified when I heard that oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard had discovered the wreck of the ship. After that, I began reading more and more material about it and learned a great deal about Titanic and its subsequent discovery just off of the Grand Banks.

I was also, at the time, a huge fan of the British sci-fi television series Doctor Who, in which the main character, the Doctor, traveled all around in time and space. I just couldn’t get enough of it and started developing my own ideas of how I thought time travel should work.

At one point, I had the brilliant idea to combine my deep interest in the RMS Titanic with my love of Dr. Who and attempt to write a story involving the Doctor going aboard the RMS Titanic. The basic premise of the story was that another time traveler wanted to prevent the ship from sinking, and the Doctor would have to see to it that events happened as they were supposed to. He, of course, would have defeated the “bad guy” and saved the day. 

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I was never able to get anywhere with it and soon gave it up. But the idea of a time traveler from the future going back in time to the ship never left me and would every once in a while make its way back into my mind.

In early 2003, I sat down in front of my computer and began writing “The Folds of Time”. After having written around five chapters, it was feeling like a story with a lot of potential and was shaping up very nicely.

But then, in the way things so often go, I was sidetracked by other events in life and was never really able to get back to them. Soon it was, despite several attempts to continue, just one of those few started projects that I would most likely never finish.
But then, sometime in March of 2009, after the devastating loss of my wife Debra Lynn Knotts to cancer, I felt an unrelenting need to pick “The Folds of Time” back up and try my best to complete it once and for all.

While it has taken far more time and effort than I ever imagined it would, the result of all that is what you now hold in your hands, whether a physical book or a device. It is the product of that seed of an idea that was lovingly planted in my mind so long ago, and that has now grown into the proverbial tree.

UPDATE (November 2023): During the initial writing and subsequent re-edit, errors and some other issues unfortunately got by me and made it into the published book. This was due to my attempt at hurrying things along in order to get it submitted in a timely fashion for publishing and then again for updating. 

I decided in 2023 that I wanted to once and for all do an almost complete overhaul and have a new cover designed to separate what was from what will now be. And in so doing, I have made a very deliberate effort to take far more time in order to get the book just the way I’ve always wanted it to be.

God bless.

Jimmy Lane Lindsey

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