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Treasure Hunt 2023

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Treasure Hunt 2023 was a great event, sponsored by Rip England Premiere Realty. We had lots of people searching all over town looking for the 4 Teasers and Grand Prize.

Treasure Hunt 2023 Winners

Mark & Kristy OrrChamber President Scarlet Bray with Rip England presenting check to Mark & Kristy Orr

Grand Prize Winners

Teaser Winners - 2023

Maci Skinner - First Teaser
Jeff Skinner - Third Teaser
Jana Runnels 4th Teaser

Congratulations - Grand Prize is Found! #2 Teaser never found

Treasure Box

Treasure Hunt Information
Brought to You by Rip England Premier Realty

Treasure Hunt Clues

Update - Friday am - Day 2 Teaser still not found. Day 4 - today's - was actually found late yesterday....

Monday August 14, 2023   CLUE # 1

21 is a special 


Keep in mind

As you begin to


There is great truth

In what I say

You’ll begin to see

in the next few days


              Close to the action I lite your path

FOUND - On a Light Pole Trailhead Park

Tuesday August 15, 2023 CLUE # 2

I’ve moved several times

In these past years

To be back home

Brings joy full tears

I’m to the north

Of my first home

Now the find

Where I call home


To warn you of Danger is my job


Wednesday August 16, 2023 CLUE # 3

There are four eyes

You soon will see

That keep a watch

Over me

Look real hard

Find 21

Looking good

Your almost



I tell of the History of this town

Thursday August 17, 2023 CLUE # 4


There are three groups

Not all the same

The middle one

You must claim

There are 21 digits

But which is mine

Count to six

And there you’ll



I’m under foot of this great man.

Rip England Premier Realty

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